Made in Germany

In the manufacture of our cosmetic products, we attach great importance to various aspects such as sustainability,
Organic, animal welfare, skin compatibility and much more are important concerns. Counts in this row
also the aspect that we proudly wear the "Made in Germany" seal and thus a
give our customers an additional promise of quality.
We see ourselves connected to our homeland and also want the quality of our
Securing products in the simplest way, as well as being able to monitor them regularly.
Furthermore, we see domestic production of our goods as a plus point in the area
of sustainability. Long transport routes are saved and in this way also the
Reduced carbon footprint.
Nowadays "Made in Germany" is a real indicator of quality and therefore exactly the right reference
on our products, with which we want to continue this tradition. Worldwide this will
Seal of origin is seen as an indication of quality and reliability and we want to stick to this tradition
will follow. The following are some examples of our special quality features:
• Use of violet glass to better preserve the ingredients
• Use of reusable glass bottles
• Low carbon footprint through domestic manufacturing
• Use of organic products, eg organic rambutan or organic aloe vera
Corresponding quality features were also given to us by Dr. U. Bernecker in the frame
confirmed by an independent analysis:
• Organic composition in accordance with current EU standards
• First results already visible after 14 days
• Effective natural cosmetics